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Frank Rehm Studios is privately owned and operated in Antioch, Ca.  With years of experience and success in the photography field ranging from teaching Model Development with students ranging in age from 3 to 82, Senior Pictures, Weddings, Family Portraits, Engagement Parties, among other field related work.

I am available to shoot on location with a full array of mobile lighting or within my studio located in Antioch with a full complement of lighting, backdrops and props to enhance any portrait experience.

My growing reputation and enviable client satisfaction now puts me in high demand for weddings, portraits and commercial photography.

Taking inspiration from the kinetic energy of the music world and the vibrant lifestyles of the rock, fashion and art scenes, I fuse my influences into the raw and exciting style of my photography.

Constantly moving forward, drawing on classic and new ideas from my artistic and photographic heroes, I create an action-packed atmosphere when shooting my models and subjects. I have photographed the brightest new stars and love to shoot fashion and artistic work, capturing my subjects in innovative and spectacular ways.

Bridging the gap from the old-school classic photography of the 1960s dominated by legends like Andre Kertesz, Henri Cartier Bresson into the cutting-edge new world of digital photography, I have grasped the future of contemporary portraiture, fashion and fine art photography. Whether shooting for clients, magazines, for exhibitions or at public events, my passion for great photography is obvious in every picture I capture.

Shaping a radical new approach to personal photography is my aim. The publishing and photography worlds have changed, and the old rules have been broken by my revolutionary ideas. Taking photographs is my great love, but I know that the images themselves are the most important thing in this digital age. I have altered the core relationship between photographer and subject.

I believe the images always come first, and photographic prints are secondary. My radical approach gives the ownership of the images back to the client, and puts me ahead of the competition in providing quality photography. I may have control of the photography but the client has control of the images, and I have turned modern photography on its head.

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