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Modelling pictures can be very expensive and you should be very careful when making your decision as to whether you pay for images or try and get started with what you have. This being said, you must bare in mind that in reality, if you are new to the industry, having simple snap shots may limit the type and volume of work agencies are able to submit you for.

We generally say, if you have what it takes to make it in the industry, you should not have to pay vast sums of money to have professional model portfolios produced, clients will be able to get a general idea of your look and suitability from clear simple model head shots. There are many companies out there desperate to offer you a free shoot, then charging you hundreds of pounds to purchase the images.

Every day we are sent images from people who have used these companies, many of them try and style you like a catwalk model, doing your hair and make up so outrageous, the images are of no use in the commercial modelling environment.

This being said, we recognize that many artistes starting out, will at least need a few, good, professional modelling photos in which to start to promote themselves. For commercial modelling, a good selection of shots for modelling portfolios to start with would be:

A couple of good clear model head shots, with simple, natural make up, looking into the Camera

A smile... showing your teeth

A full length shot, showing your posture and style

A casual relaxed shot

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